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About Us
We are Branded Boxes — the answer to your custom packaging needs. Allow our print and packaging expertise to bring your vision to life - our breadth of innovative box designs and print solutions deliver extraordinary results every time.
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Whether you're an individual, a startup or a large enterprise company, Branded Boxes has a solution for you.
A leader in the custom packaging industry, our award-winning products are the result of our first-rate equipment, our team of experts and our commitment to innovation.

At Branded Boxes, we're dedicated to bringing your ideas to life through exceptional custom packaging and printed products by means of a highly collaborative process. Now part of the Mini Giants Group of companies, our capabilities have grown significantly, and our quality assurance process ensures that our results surpass client expectations every time. If you don't see something you're looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to help you with your big idea.
Our state-of-the-art technology and equipment is designed for a wide range of applications. Whether you need a single prototype or a run of millions, we've got you covered.
Our Process
We have designed a seamless production process from start to finish.
Whether an order originates via our online design portal or as the result of an in-house collaboration, our prepress specialists review every file to ensure we capture each clients unique needs, circumvent potential issues and pre-determine delivery expectations.

Beyond our first-rate equipment and exceptional products, we pride ourselves on cultivating lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers. At Branded Boxes, we value relationships over transactions and helping you realize your vision is our top-priority.
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Digital Edge sustainability outlook
Our Sustainability Efforts
At Branded Boxes, we recognize the vital importance of sustainability, and we want you to feel good about what you're putting out into the world.
That's why we are committed to offering numerous eco-friendly packaging solutions, including materials that can contain recycled and carbon neutral content. Beyond offering sustainable materials, we proudly recycle all excess paper materials and utilize UV inks, energy-efficient machinery and LED lighting.
As a company that cares about minimizing our carbon footprint, Branded Boxes will continue to apply an eco-friendly philosophy to every part of our business, and make responsible decisions that contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future.